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Most referral plans create opportunities that make you feel like you have to have a finance degree just to understand how they work. Pages of fine print “requirements”in order to be successful? Sounds more like a headache than an “opportunity”. Unfortunately, this tactic creates unrealistic expectations and ultimately crushes hopes of those who just want to make an honest living. ALUVA is built upon the principle of simplicity so you won’t find complicated equations or long lists of requirements to earn your paycheck.


At ALUVA, we have created a very transparent referral payment plan so that you ALWAYS know how, when, and what you’re getting paid and there are not any hidden requirements or complicated bonus pools and tabulations. We make it more realistic for anyone to succeed. You decide what “success” means to you and ALUVA can help you redefine success in your life .



Active Personal Members (APM) - Affiliate or Customer that was personally enrolled and has at least 50 PV monthly

Personal Volume (PV) - Volume from personal Affiliate orders. PV counts toward an Affiliate's Group Volume

Commissionable Volume (CV) - volume associated with a product's commission payout rate. CV is used to calculate Daily Pay and other bonuses

Group Volume (GV) - The combined volume from PV, Customer CV, plus all CV and PV from downline Affiliates or Customers

Qualification Cycle - Monthly qualifications start on the 1st day of the month 12:00 AM MST and end on the last day of the month 11:59 PM MST. Prior month rank qualification determines current month's daily commission payouts.

Daily Cycle - Reporting, status changes, rank changes, and placement tree adjustments start and end at 12:00 AM MST.

Daily Pay - Payment to qualifying Affiliates two weeks after a product order with CV is purchased by an Affiliate or Customer. Commission percentages are calculated based on the level in the downline where the order was placed.

Customers - Personally enrolled customers that have an ALUVA account. Customers have access to wholesale pricing, sales specials and subscriptions.

   - Customer order commissions are calculated based on product CV and pay to qualifying upline Affiliates

   - Personal Customer CV counts for an Affiliate's GV, as level one volume, and is not associated with a leg.

Affiliate - ALUVA account that is eligible to personally enroll other Affiliates and Customers and earn commissions

   - New affiliates default to A1 upon sign-up when an order of at least 50 PV is placed in the current month and maintains A1 commission eligibility until the end of the following month.

Commission Eligibility - ALUVA pays commissions daily based on the prior month rank qualification.

   - If an Affiliate did not qualify for a rank in the prior month the account is considered unqualified and lose the ability to earn commissions. Unqualified Affiliates can begin earning daily commissions again after the account has at least 50 PV in the current month.

       - Any downline Affiliate or Customer orders placed prior to the change back to qualified status will not be paid to the Account Owner and are dynamically compressed to qualifying upline Affiliates. Only orders placed after the 50 PV minimum has been met, and the account is considered qualified again, will be paid through Daily Pay.

Over-ranking - ALUVA Affiliates who purchase a qualifying subscription pack upon sign-up will be over-ranked to A3 for a six month period.

Over-rank Maintenance -

   - If a qualifying order is not placed in any subsequent month during the six-month over-rank period the Affiliate will be considered inactive.

   - Once the over-ranked Affiliate places a qualifying order in the current month, they will regain their over-rank status to A3 and will be eligible for commissions according to the Commissions Eligibility rules.